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As a cop, evidence tech, training or property officer, what’s the last thing you want to see? An evidence bag leaking blood.

Come on, we know you have a sick sense of humor just like us. Wouldn’t one of these carefully placed GagBags go great in the lunch room…or on the paperwork of a rookie cop…or possibly on the Chief’s desk? Or possibly just put on display on your own work area?

Each one is meticulously poured with a bloody resin pool, then allowed to cure. Realistic in every way, you have to touch it to make sure it’s not still wet! Variations will occur. Properly sealed with evidence tape, the GagBag is just waiting for its next unsuspecting victim. At the very least, it’ll remind people of the importance of air drying and proper collection and packaging procedures.

*We will not assume any liability for who you will pull this GagBag prank on. Nor do we encourage or endorse the use of this prop in any way. This may cause screaming, loss of appetite, disgust, heart palpitations and worse in people prone to medical conditions. Use with caution. Cell phone pictures of the “event” will be welcome.


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